ATMA (Sanskrit ātman आत्मन्/ Pali atta/ Anglic æthm/ Germanic atem/ Greek atmo)  
The Substance of Everything, Essence of the Universe, the Ether. Invisible, immutable and eternal.
Manifested in the spiritual breath and pure consciousness. The real Self, the First Principle, the source of creation

GON (Greek gōnos γόνος, gōnia γωνία/ Hue Viet gọn 發音/ Saxon gān)
Seed, procreation and birth. In order, neatly arranged.
Leaving and releasing to the new form. Shaping a solid embellished by faces and angles

One of the Platonic solids which represents the Ether. Symbolizes ascension, divine connection, completion and wholeness. Constitutes the content of the Universe as a quantum of the consciousness. As a sign of the Atmagon